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Adi S Nugroho 7 Tips for a Great Naked Bike
They’re nude, not lewd—and they just might save the world. Here’s some advice for navigating your first clothing-optional cycling event.—Elspeth Huyett
Adi S Nugroho Small Changes, Huge
Some things are complicated—traffic jams, climate change, deciding if a Tour de France winner will still hold his title in five years. These tangled problems demand nuanced solutions. But finding bliss on your bike can be simple and, as these 11…
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out there is all England
Adi S Nugroho Randy P. Martin,
Adi S Nugroho 1973 F1 Nurburgring Nordschleife - Full
This film covers the full 1973 F1 Nurburgring Nordschleife race, its raw footage without any commentary and allows you to listen to the roar of the cars…

Adi S Nugroho Watch this super-fast pit stop in super-slow motion
Alex Kierstein,
Infiniti Red Bull shows us how its done. Just don’t blink.Competitiveness in Formula 1 extends all the way to pit lane. Infiniti Red Bull set the bar pretty high for speedy tire changes: its 2.05-second pit stop in Malaysia earlier this year bl…