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Adi S Nugroho This Is the Worst Uniform Fail in Sports History
By Ben Tanzer,
We’re really not looking forward to seeing what the men’s team is wearingIf you weren’t following the Twitter accounts of Columbia women’s cycling teams this weekend—and really, why would you have been?—you likely missed the eyebrow-raising Twe…

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Adi S Nugroho Only in Manhattan – Parking spots on sale for $1 million
Siyah Randhawa,
With the skyrocketing gas prices these days, the last thing you want is sticker shock at your residence parking lot. But that might be hard to avoid in Lower Manhattan. A parking…Continue Reading Only in Manhattan – Parking spots on sale for $1…

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Adi S Nugroho Dubai is making the worlds largest airport, here are 5 things you should know
Siyah Randhawa,
Dubai is set to overtake Heathrow as the world’s largest international airport. The emirate’s ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has approved a $32 billion expansion plan for the Al Maktoum…Continue Reading Dubai is making the worlds large…

Adi S Nugroho Is a Live-Action Teen Titans One DC Show Too Many?
Katharine Trendacosta,
DC does not seem concerned about this at all, since they and Warner Bros. keep producing them. The latest property to get the small screen treatment are the Teen Titans, as TNT is about to order a pilot based on the Teen Titans called, simply…

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Adi S Nugroho ONEWHEEL
The hoverboard is here! (well not quite), meet Onewheel, a self-balancing one-wheeled electric skateboard. It is basically a skateboard without the wheels and with a big fat wheel in the center, all the electric stuff is neatly hidden inside the…
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